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Alright ladies and gents welcome to chapter three of Ash's Reward. First let me address a couple of things. Numero Uno: I noticed a lot of you are on the same thought train as me, so you should enjoy how this story unfolds. Secondly all info on shippings is at the end of this chapter. Thirdly, Ash will have a long story. If you don't see something specific now (pokemon, events, people etc.), it may happen later.

That concludes our introductory author's note. Please enjoy the feature presentation.

Ash Ketchum slowly roused himself from sleep, being careful not to stir the two companions lying at the foot of his bed. Wait, I couldn't have written that right. No legendaries waking him up? His mom wasn't barging in, and yelling at him? Was this the 'normal morning' he had heard of in myths and legends?

"Where the hell am I?!" Mew yelled as she woke up, shooting off into the air. Ash sighed. He could only hope Mew didn't project her thoughts loud eno- 'And there it is.' Ash thought, as he heard a scream come from downstairs.

"Mew calm down! You're in my room, remember last night?" Ash said as he willed her to calm down. Surprisingly, it worked and Mew visibly relaxed. 'Oh yeah that's one of my powers isn't it?' Ash remembered as he looked at the now peaceful Mew.

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Ash Ketchum Japanese サトシ Satoshi is the main character of the Pokémon anime He is also the main character of various manga based on the anime.

This time it took a bit longer for the next page, there have been 2 video updates last week and plenty of new gallery entries.

Since im still working on commissions I cant fully concentrate solely on this pokemon comic, but ill still try and make it with the pages within the promised time.

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Alright ladies and gents welcome to chapter three of Ashs Reward First let me address a couple of things Numero Uno I noticed a lot of you are on the same thought.
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Killing Pikachu off might of been a bad idea Would of love to drag out the series bit more and maybe we get Ash in the next scene w bottle up his butt.
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Here is the cover for the now active Pokemon comic on Shadbase The first Focus will be on Misty but im most likely to show other characters as it progresses.
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