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When those Hollywood socialites showed up at Skull Island they had no idea what was waiting for them. How were they supposed to know that those dramatic mountain peaks were hiding giant gorillas and a couple left over dinosaurs to boot? And then where would they get the idea that a gargantuan simian would kidnap their leading lady?

This Halloween it's easy to become King, just put on this inflatable suit and puff up to size, as long as you stay away from the Empire State Building the military should leave you alone. You'll show those apes how dignified King Kong had been the whole time they were strapping him down and calling him names. If you bring along your leading lady you can finally have that date you had in mind when you picked her up on Skull Island. With your reputation there's no way that rooftop patio downtown will make you wait for seating, after all you're a celebrity!

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I think I might have accidentally recreated one of my favourite Sulamith Wulfing illustrations on my shelf, with a doll, a fern, and a pickle castor.

The tableau evolved over a course of 6 weeks as my fern grew around the doll, gradually enshrining her in a cascade of delicate, green fronds. Then, one day I looked at it, and noticed something familiar about it, like I’d seen it somewhere before and only just remembered it. And then I had it. It was Der Garten, by Sulamith Wulfing, of course.

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I’m afraid I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys, but I can finally tell you!

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Take on the town in this intimidating inflatable King Kong costume.
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I think I might have accidentally recreated one of my favourite Sulamith Wulfing illustrations on my shelf with a doll a fern and a pickle castor.
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