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Missed news from August 25:

Duke's been working hard on emulating another computer rarity. This time it's the Kontron PSI Ψ 98, an industrial control / laboratory micro computer from the early 80's. Here's his writeup about it:

One we missed mentioning back on August 15: Bryan McPhail, a MAME developer, identified a different ROM set of Capcom's "1943" and added support for it in MAME during the MAME 0.189 development cycle. Based on his analysis, it appears to be the original Japanese ROM set, and the set that had been supported by MAME a bootleg. More on this detail and analysis here:

Added in:

coolmod dumped Rev. K (US version?) of Iron Horse.

Image: ironhorse.jpg

280 ZZZAP - Midway Mfg. (1976) [AKA Midnite Racer; German]
Galax - Yun Hap Electronics (1979)
Galaxian - Irem (1979) [Play Table Series; Licensed by Namco; Japanese]
Gun Fight - Midway Mfg. (1975) [AKA Western Gun; German]
The Money Game - Amalgamated Enterprises (1975)
Ozma Wars - SNK (1979) [Japanese]
Table Attacker - Nichibutsu (1978) [Japanese]
Table Break 4 - Jatre (1978) [Japanese]
Table Hustler - Jatre (1978) [Japanese]
Twin Course T.T. - Sega (1977) [Japanese]

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