Adult push scooters

A: Sidewalker scooters offer more exercise benefits and a more enjoyable riding experience than a traditional bicycle. Kicking a scooter works all of the major muscles in your legs and engages more of the body than sitting and pedaling. You will expend more energy and therefore burn more calories when riding a scooter than a bike.

Rider safety is of the utmost importance for Sidewalker scooters and our 3.5” ground clearance offers better stability for the rider. The increased height also offers more exercise benefits as the stationary leg is required to squat just a little bit more than on other scooters while still maintaining rider comfort.

Many scooter riders have switched to Sidewalker scooters after becoming frustrated with the lower ground clearance offered by other scooter brands. With a Sidewalker scooter you can relax into the comfort of gliding along the landscape instead of focusing so much on the road ahead while scanning for little obstacles that might hinder the scooter.

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Q: How sturdy are Sidewalker scooters?

A: Sidewalker scooters are made from Chromoly steel, which is one of the strongest materials used to manufacture both bikes and scooters. Many other scooters are made from regular steel, which does not provide the same stability for heavier riders.

The tires are pneumatic and filled with air which provides a very smooth ride and there are two v-brakes, one on the front wheel and one on the back, which makes the scooters very responsive to the needs of the rider and adds greater security.

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